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We advise visitors to the east side of the Second Marsh Wildlife Area to avoid open-toed footwear and to tuck pant cuffs into their socks due to the observation of the European Fire Ant (Myrmica rubra) on properties adjacent to the marsh.
We also suggest some precautions to avoid ticks and tick bites such as wearing light coloured clothing so you can spot ticks faster, wearing closed footwear with pants tucked into socks and long sleeve shirts tucked into pants.  Also use a repellant that has DEET on clothes and exposed skin.
Trail Map
Ghost Road Bush and its trail (the Bob Mills boardwalk) are closed to public access due to the danger of falling tree parts resulting from damage caused by the Emerald Ash Borer. This closure will remain in effect until further notice.”
A map of connecting trails, located in the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve, pictured below can also be found at

The Beaton Path
hard surface; 832 m
Dogwood Trail
hard surface; 490 m

Darlington Trail
gravel roadway; 306 m

Marshland Trail
mown grass/woodchips; 1710 m
Bayside Trail
mown grass; 295 m
Shoreline Trail
grass/gravel/sand; 1000 m
Oshawa Trail
mown grass 915 m
Flank Trail
mown grass; 915 m
Woodland Trail
mown grass; 307 m
Cool Hollow Trail
gravel; 635m
Ghost Road Bush
woodland/boardwalk; 1340 m
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GM Headquarters
Picnic Area
Viewing Platform
Historic Site