About Friends of Second Marsh

FRIENDS OF SECOND MARSH (Friends) is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the protection and appreciation of Second Marsh, other Great Lakes wetlands, our natural heritage system, and to promoting a healthy environment through education, communication, developing partnerships and fostering connections with all sectors of the community (Charitable Number 89793 2091 RR 0001).
For the past thirty-five years, Friends (formerly the Second Marsh Defense Association, credited with protecting Second Marsh from harbour development) has provided leadership in the community-based movement to secure a future for this unique wetland.

Friends success has been consistently demonstrated through leadership and responsibility in carrying out numerous projects and programs throughout the years. It is this success that led to Friends being given responsibility for the delivery of all educational and stewardship programs through the City of Oshawa’s Second Marsh Management Plan. This plan is overseen by a management committee and includes representatives from the City of Oshawa, Ducks Unlimited, the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority and Friends.
Friends Vision
To lead the protection and appreciation of Second Marsh and to promote the conservation of other Great Lakes wetlands and a healthy environment using Second Marsh as a premier example.
Friends is dedicated to:
  • The establishment of beneficial stewardship activities within the community that promote a healthy environmental condition for Second Marsh in particular and for the community in general,
  • The development and delivery of high quality educational programs about Second Marsh, Great Lakes wetlands and the environment,
  • Engaging and involving all sectors of the community, in particular developing partnerships with the business community, for the delivery of projects and programs,
  • Developing partnerships with universities, research institutions and corporations to promote wetland and environmental research.